Be imitators of me..

Lately I’ve had a stirring in my heart of what kind of leadership I look up to. Every time these faces come up.

Now the other night Josh Proctor tweeted this:”I urge you, then, be imitators of me.”~ who would preach this today?~” and it got me thinking. These couples, these husbands, wives, fathers, mothers, and church leaders are urging me to imitators of them. Now before someone jumps my case, hear me out.

These couples are teaching me that God should be first. First in the marriage, first in the home, first in everything.

These couples are teaching me how to raise Godly children in this world. Family devotions, nightly prayers, reinforcing what is taught at church.

These couples are teaching me the importance of a church home. The church is an extended family, a support group, and more teachers.

These couples are teaching me how to love. God first, their spouse, their children, and others.

These couples are couples that I admire and look up to. No, none of them are perfect. None of them have a hidden recipe in their pocket for the perfect family. Their houses are “lived in” and you can see it. They value family time and value teaching their children the importance of a life with Christ. Why else wouldn’t I want to imitate them? Instead of imitating couples of the world, I choose to imitate those who live larger than this world.

This is a thank you to those couples for teaching me, for encouraging me, and for showing me that even the Christian family isn’t perfect. I encourage you to continue imitating Christ and being an example to all.



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