Lesons from Nascar


I’m from the South, we like Nascar, but the other night I got to thinking and ya know, there are some lessons you can learn from Nascar. Don’t believe me, read on.

1) Speed up through the turns. If you’ve ever watched Nascar you know that they speed up through the turns. In life, you can’t slow down when life throws you a turn. You’ve gotten speed up and push on through.

2)Every track is different. Daytona 500- 200 laps. Sharpie 500-266 laps. Aarons 499-188 laps. All of these races are 500 miles, but none have the same amount of laps. Why? Because every track is different. Sometimes in life your going to come across situations and your going to try to handle them the same way but soon you’ll realize that that that situation is different, and it may take longer to get through.

3)One dumb mistake can affect others. Nascar is known for its wrecks, it’s like the highlight of the race. But often dumb mistakes are the cause of these wrecks. In life, sometimes if you make a dumb mistake it doesn’t just affect you it affects all.

4) Pit stops are necessary. You’ve gotta have um. If ya don’t, you run out of fuel, your tires explode, or something worse happens. In life it’s the same way. You’ve gotta take a break every now and then or else, you’re gonna explode.

5)You’ve gotta have a solid crew. You don’t see the driver hopping out to change tires or fill up oil do you? No, that’s because they understand the importance of a crew. In the crew, you have individuals who have specific jobs. In life, you’ve gotta have a crew- your support group. When life gets hard, who is going to help change your tires? Who is going to fill you up when you run empty? Who is going to do the tough work of saying you’ve gotta change somethings? It’s important to build your group. Now it may change from time to time but having that crew could mean life or death.

Now I bet you never thought you’d get a lesson on Nascar from a girl did ya? Well just remember- I’m from the South, we like Nascar.



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