Why Journey Groups are Important

These are just some pictures of our journey group. From Baptisms, weddings, adoptions, to illnesses these people have been there.  I’ve seen them gather round for Thanksgiving and other holidays and celebrate birthdays. These people are a family. They are as Michael once said a mini church.

Their love was shown this weekend as many made the trip to Chattanooga to be with Michelle and Neil as Neil was in the hospital with a stroke. I love these people. All of them, when they are crazy, silly, or are having a bad day- they are still my family. Right now they are pouring love out to the two people who I love so much and I can’t be with.

Michelle and Neil I love you. I’m praying. You are both surrounded by those who love and support you right now.


2 thoughts on “Why Journey Groups are Important

  1. Kaela we love you so much. You are here with us in our hearts and we love you and and can’t wait til your home in 13 days.!!! Can’t tell you how much this means to me!!!

  2. Kaela, I love you sooo much. And I love michelle and Neil and everyone in our group. You guys are family to me! I’ll miss you so much but I’ll never cease to be part of the family. God has also taught me rich rich lessons from each member of our group.


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