Dear River of Life

Dear River,

Early this year I was privileged  to become a part of your family. You filled a part of me that I was missing while at Berea. You allowed me to plug into your children’s ministry and develop relationships not only with the children but with the families. Through you I’ve learned more about myself, I’ve lived-loved-and laughed a lot. The relationships built are not ones that end, because they have been rooted in Christ.

It really has been a pleasure being a part of such a great church. I see God working in so many ways. Know that God is using you all in great ways. Continue to listen to the Lord, He has great plans for you. Know that the lessons you instilled in me are not at an end, but because you reached and raised me, I can now be released into another area to continue growing but to also share the lessons learned.

Continue reaching out to college students and youth. Many need someone and the River is a great place to meet someone who can help. Take a College Student Home day was great and should be done again. Love on the students, get to know them, and just let them be part of a family. So often many of us just miss our families that we’d do anything to be part of one for a day.

Again, thank you for working in my life. I truly am going to miss you all and I do hope to stay in touch with yall.








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