Dear Berea

Dear Berea,

2.5 years ago I came onto this campus as an ambitious and crazy 18 year old. I was free and felt like I could save Berea. Who would have known that I would truly give my heart to the Lord 6 months later?! You’ve helped me grow into a more mature, wide eyed adult. I’ve learned from you many valuable lessons. Had I not come to you, I wouldn’t know what homesickness felt like, I won’t have experienced true snow , and sledding for that matter. I developed friendships and healthy relationships with collegues. Berea you have been an influential part of my life, even through the bad. While sometimes I did not agree with things you did or didn’t support some of your actions, I always knew I was learning from you. I learned more about who I was and where I came from, I also learned more about the world, and all of that took place outside of the classroom. I learned that sure while I’m at school for a degree, I’ll learn more outside of a classroom that will stay with me over time. Sure I’ve done some crazy things but I’ll never forget the memories made.

So here’s to the people who made Berea worth while. Those who loved on me, befriended me, taught me, and walked through the drama with me. I’ll never forget you or the memories we made together.

Our whole group!

Love ya Berea,




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