Dear Georgia,

Dear Georgia,

I’m coming home. Many of you know of this news and are ready to greet me back. When I left 2.5 years, many doubted if I ever would come back, but I told you I would one day- never knew it’d be this soon. God is really working on me and really is showing me who He wants me to be as a woman of God. I’m going full steam on this ride in life, you can come along side me but please don’t try to stand in my way. However, I do ask that you would be part of my life, encourage me, support me, love me, and show me where I may be missing things. I am grateful for advice but please don’t force it upon me and think that your way is golden and is the only one to work in my life. God’s plan could be different and the way He wants me to handle something could be the polar opposite of what you want me to do.

I’m excited to see how God uses me over the next few months. It’s going to be great to be back at the Leaf full time again. So stay tuned, God’s about to turn this life upside down and inside out.





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