The Love of A Child

If you know me, you know that children are involved in almost all aspects of my life. When I look at my talents, I know that God made me with a heart for children. I love them. I love teaching them, watching them grow, loving them, and being loved by them. A child’s love is not bought, although many of us believe it is, it’s not forced, it’s not won, it’s pure and innocent.

Every time one of my precious children love on me, it’s like I feel the presence of God. I know that’s a strong statement but I honestly think that God knows that to reach my heart, he has to use a child. I love when they give me sweet compiments like ” You are so sweet” or ” You are gorgeous” even after I had repremined them and I look horrible because I’ve been cooking, cleaning, and am in my pjs. I love when in the middle of a christmas concert, one of them spots me in the second row and waves at me. I love when they are excited that I am home and that  I no longer will be away for a long time.

I often think that we neglect children sometimes. Sure, they can be overwhelming and can even be a handful every now and then, but when truly was the last time you had a lil child curl up with you just to read a story or play twenty questions to know about your life? We live in a rushed world, but children don’t. They don’t understand the concept of time. Which may be why their love just keeps going.



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