2010 in review

So 2010 has come and gone. It’s been a year of firsts and lasts. I’ve seen people I love get married, engaged, have kids, pass away, accept Christ, go through major health issues, and move on in their life. Here’s the love down on what I went through:

January- Was a hard month. One of loneliness, lack of accountability, and personal hardships. An eating disoder that  I thought I had battled, haunted me again. This time someone picked up on it, and made me seek help.
February- School started back and I was reconnected with my accountability, I took on a second job
March- Depression. Full on depression hit. Lack of motivation, no desire, and the suicidal thoughts that once plagued my life began coming again.
April- Stepped foot into an airport for first time in my life. Reached the lowest point in my life and tried to drown myself in a tub.
May- I got through the last month of school and made it home. Said goodbye to a few friend’s who were graduating.
June- Went to Myrtle Beach for the first time. Began my normal nanny summer routine. Learned how to drive a boat.
July- Learned how to drive a manual truck. Continued with the kid craziness. Built one of the largest slipnslide’s I’d been on with some awesome kids
August- Watched Taylor Hancock and several other’s be baptized. Went back to school and started on leadership staff
September- Began to feel called home. Berea was good but felt like I needed to be home. Went to World Equestrian Games. Lil sis accepted Christ
October- Went to Third Day,Toby Mac, MWSmith concert.  UGA vs. UK game. Applied to transfer to Berry College.
November- Turned 21, went on first date in entire life, first relationship. Accepted at Berry College
December- Neil has a stroke,Finished at Berea College, candle light service at Christmas Eve eve at Oak leaf Church, and was dumped by boyfriend.

2010 had it’s ups and downs. No I wasn’t as strong this year as I thought I was going to be. 2011 isn’t going to be a year of resolutions or goals, it’s of a new mindset one that came from God. It’s to be strong in HIM and not give up HOPE.

Photos from 2010

Britt and I taking fun country pics
Myrtle beach with Hancocks
Creekin with Mays


One thought on “2010 in review

  1. Kaela, I pray that 2011 will be a year of many blessings and lots of joy for you!! You will certainly be missed here, but it sounds like you are following your heart and seeking the place you are meant to be. Big hugs, and happy new year!! =)


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