Love is Patient

“Love is patient…” 1 Corinthians 13:4

Sometimes I think in today’s society we forget this verse. We forget that we are to be patient in relationships and that it’s ok to take things slow. Many know that I turned 21 two days before my first date which lead to a first relationship but after a month and a half that relationship ended.

While at times I feel hurt by this relationship, I know that I needed it as a stepping stone on the way to the relationship that God has for me. The man I dated treated me incredibly well and cared for me a lot, but it was not his time to be in a relationship again. I’m thankful we were patient, we took the walk slowly and for that I’m grateful because the hurt I feel is minimal to what it could have been.

I think of the TV shows, songs, and all other media that portrays relationships to children at such a young age. We tell children “One day your going to marry so and so” or ” So and so is your girlfriend/boyfriend” Many children get mixed into this romantic, emotional battlefield way to young. Can’t they just be kids?

I do consider myself a little oldfashioned in my dating believes. I don’t believe in casual dating or dating to learn more about someone. You are friends first, then develop into a relationship. You date only if your ready for marriage and if that person is marriage material. To many hearts get broken because they get so attached to someone that clearly isn’t worth marrying, but they have fun together.

Let’s slow down love, let’s be patient. God ultimately is the one with the timer. It’s like we’re a cake. If you rush the baking time, your not going to have something worth enjoying, but if you let the cake takes it’s time, the reward is totally worht it.



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