New Adventures

So the countdown starts- I have 44 hours until I move into Berry college. Not going to lie, I’m nervous as ever. I’m still trying to get finances in line, I have no laptop, no money for books, and still barely know my room mate. I am starting over again and the idea of forming a new support group scares me. But even through all the nerves, there is still a peace in knowing that what I am doing, the journey I am embarking on, is one that is ultimately going to give God all the glory. I know that I am going to find a way to meet all my financial needs. I know God is already at Berry working in the hearts of those who will soon be my friends. I know He is already preparing my classes, my work, and all my activities to provide opportunities to shine for Him. I’m excited that I have several Leafers around Berry’s campus and that I will no longer be far from home.

So for all you followers I’d just ask that you would join me in praying for these things:
1) I would get all my finances worked out.
2) My transition would be smooth
3) I would form good, solid, Christ centered friendships

I can’t wait to step foot on Berry’s campus for the first time on Sunday.. ( yea bet ya didn’t know that I’ve never been there before)


4 thoughts on “New Adventures

  1. you’ve never been there?! oh my goodness- you are going to love it. it’s just so wonderful!! love you, friend!


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