Life Thus Far

So I have been on Berry’s campus since Sunday afternoon. When the snow came, things got cancelled. Monday was a stress for me because I was alone on campus, knew no one, and was in the dark about registration and orientation. I work up extremely early because I could no longer sleep. After a failed attempt of searching for a kitchen, I settled for the hot water in my sink to make oatmeal. Surprisingly it worked. For the beginning of the day I decided to walk around campus. I covered most of central campus but there is still so much out there. I’m sure once the snow is gone I’ll really be able to see everything. Went to lunch, then had a snowball fight with complete strangers. Later, I decided to email the person over orientation and finally heard from them. I was relieved and I’m sure God was looking at me saying “I told you so.” Tuesday began a little smoother, and later for that matter. Since I had finally found the kitchen, I made breakfast there, but there is talk of me getting a microwave for my room ( yeah they are allowed here!). I finally got a call from my advisor, went and talked registration, picked my classes, and felt relieved about that. My roomie came back and we talked some before I ran off to go sledding on Mountain Campus with Brit and her lil bro. That was fun. There was a kiddie pool there I tried to sled in, it didn’t work so well. We went back to her house, made brownies, I made the burger patties, then went out to build a snowman while her dad grilled the burgers… outside.. in the snow. 🙂 . Our snow man ended up with antlers, a carrot nose, and star cheeks. We hung out with her dad’s student workers, watched Remember the Titans ( in which I noticed the castles! aka Ford Buildings 🙂 ) and then I finally made it back to the room.

All in all, I think as more and more people arrive back, I get calmer and less stressed. This snow threw everyone for a loop. Still excited about this year and everything to come!



2 thoughts on “Life Thus Far

  1. Have you heard of the Sunbeam Hot Shot?

    It’s an awesome almost-mini appliance that very quickly heats one to two servings of hot water for tea, hot chocolate, cooking, etc. I thought of it when you mentioned making oatmeal – because when I make instant oatmeal, I heat the water in my Hot Shot. Mom and Dad got me one when I went to college, and it is definitely one of the best kitchen appliance investments to make. Not sure if it’s something you could have in your room there, but if they let you have a microwave, the chances should be good.

    Glad to read that you’re feeling more comfortable and settled in on campus! Keep your chin up. =)


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