Financially Frustrated

Classes started yesterday.. I was not in them. Why? Because my student account isn’t taken care of yet. Here’s basically what’s going on:

  • Student account’s waited until Wednesday to inform me that I had a balance of $6000
  • When I pull up my account online- it’s $0
  • Berry didn’t process my final transcript, so I’m still waiting for HOPE to process
  • No one from Financial aid is contacting me back
  • I may end up having to commute this term and move out from the dorms
  • Apparently I have to have my mom fill out some forms and we have to send them back in

So here I am. At home trying to deal with all this, unsure of how I’m going to get funds. I know this is just an obstacle from Satan. He doesn’t want me there. I know God has called me there. I’ve felt it. He wants to do great things through me, but Satan wants to stop me.

So now, I wait. Wait for phone calls, wait for things to be processed.



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