These are just a few words that come to mind when I think of starvation. Sunday night at Journey group this thought was brought to mind: When we allow ourselves only to read the Bible on Sunday, we are starving ourselves of the fullness of God.

If we believe that the word of God is our fuel, then why would we only subject ourselves to reading it once a week. You don’t eat once a week and say ” I’m good to go, I’ve got all the fuel I need” NO! In fact you eat not once, but three times a day. If fuel for our body is so important then shouldn’t fuel for our spirit? Should we not hunger after the word of God?Should we not feel pain when we don’t get to dwell in the presence of God? Should we not be frustrated that Satan has made us believe that the things of this world were so important that we forgot time with the Maker of the Universe? Should we not be so desperate to hear from God that we would not want to sit and hear from Him?

I’m not saying I’m the best at this. It was just something that hit me so hard I realized how many years I had wanted to hear from God but never went to Him through His word. It never ends. It never fails.  It’s important.

Don’t starve yourself this week. Even if it’s just a chapter a day, read. I don’t care when, nor does He. But if we don’t fuel ourselves then we are never going to be fully equipped for the mission and good works that He has called us to do.




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