The Final Decision

Many have been following and know that I’ve been trying to determine if I am going to stay on campus or live off campus this term. Well I’ve made up my mind…


I’m going to live ON CAMPUS

The decision was one that took a while for me to come to but after I came to it, I was at peace.  Yes, I would love to live at home, but if I am to get to know Berry for what it is, I’ve got to be on campus. Home is only 30 minutes away and right now I have enough people that I can get home when I want to. Yes I’m still looking at getting a car ( right now I”m hoping I have enough loan money- $1000 to be exact- left over that I can get an old VW beetle) but if I don’t, I’m going to be okay for the semester.

Thank you to those who prayed for me, your prayers were needed and God reminded me of yall last night as I sawm and fought with Satan.. If there is one thing a 3 year old reminded me of this Sunday was that – I’m in the Lord’s Army.


2 thoughts on “The Final Decision


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