Happy Birthday Sweet Girl

Happy Birthday to a lil girl I love. Korey you light up my life. Your 6 today. 6. Even though I’m not your parent, it’s still hard to believe. Now you count your age on two hands, instead of one. One day, you won’t count you age on your hands so innocently. Your always the first to run and give me a hug, beg me to come over and play, yell “Miss Kaela watch this”.  Your world is a kingdom- your a princess, your dad is your king, mom is the queen, and Krissy is a princess too. You ask Jesus to be a fairy at night so you can fly like Tinkerbell.

This is my prayer for you Korey- that you never lose your faith in Jesus. Love Him, and He will love you. Always let your dad be your king, he loves and protects you and wants you to shine like the stars. Love your mom. Cuddle with her, love on her, play pretend with her, and confide in her. She cares, loves, and delights in you. Love Krissy. She may be younger than you but she loves you and looks up to you. Be a great big sister. I pray your friendship grows and that you both stay as close as you are now.

Thank you Korey for lighting up my life. I see Jesus shine through you and I love it. Keep lighting the way, for me and all the others. Your my little fairy.



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