Good Directions

There I was sitting in Theology just wanting to be done. I look down and my phone is now telling me that Kelly P is calling me. First thought Why is Kelly calling me on a Thursday at 4pm??? So I finish class and call her back. Kelly hands the phone to her 5 yr old daughter Ella who then tells me that: She wanted me to come to her class to give her directions on cleaning her room like the last time I did. She wanted her mom to drive from Cartersville to Rome to bring me to her house so that she had someone to tell her how to clean her room. What a bright kid ( also can I interject that this kid made my day so much better because I felt wanted)

How many times in life do we do the same thing? We want someone to come and give us directions. I can see Ella’s logic here. Miss Kaela gave me good directions on how to clean my room. I have to clean my room again, so I should call her so I can have good directions again. We as humans look to those who are successful and want to get directions from them. Maybe it’s the lead pastor who is mentoring the younger in how to be successful early, or the teacher who is helping the college student who wants to be a teacher, maybe it’s the head executive of your company who comes alongside the new employee so that they can do well. In all areas we want and often need that higher person to guide us.

When it comes to our faith, many of us look to our spiritual mentors but often we forget that we have the all the directions available to us. They are found in the Bible. So now the directions are how to apply the true directions to the paths of our life.

I like Ella want someone to give me directions in a lot of areas right now. I want directions on eating, exercising, finances, college schedules, jobs, and so on. No matter what our age, we’re always seeking direction.

Today I pray that you seek the good directions. They are there for you.


One thought on “Good Directions

  1. Good blog. It reminds me of something that happened when Taylor was around 4 yrs old. I was watching her and she was supposed to clean her room before we did anything else and she sat in the room and procrastinated for hours, BIG TIME. She finally comes out to me and tells me that she has decided she will let her sister clean her room, to which I replied “Taylor, you don’t have a sister,” and she responds with “we can pretend you are my sister!” I knew then that she was going to be a smart kid.
    The thing is; sometimes we also just want someone to do the hard things for us…cause they are just too hard. I’ve been there…please…I lived there for a long time. What I have learned most recently is that I don’t see major growth until I DO the hard stuff.
    But God always provides someone or something (Bible) as direction.
    Love you!


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