Hats off to one of my fav authors

Dr.Seuss. A childhood favorite for many of us. I just never stopped reading him. I still have my collection of Hop on Pop, One Fish Two Fish, The Footbook, Fox in Socks, Green Eggs and Ham, and the list goes on. When I was a freshman I did my final education project on him. As a junior, I was told my leadership style was like that of the Lorax ( and I would agree 100% indeed on that one), and now, well I just love him. His brilliance, creativity, and desire to think outside of the box in so refreshing and encouraging. I have many quotes I love by him but my all time favorite is “You make em, I amuse em”. I believe that sums up my lives calling. Other people make the kids, I just am here to amuse them and if I teach them a thing or two, well hey there’s an added benefit.

So today, I celebrate the man with the cat in the hat, who has a talking fish with a brain larger than mine, and two things who I was once nicknamed after. And if you so ever want some great reading, just find a seat on the rug and I’ll read you my favorite- Fox in Socks.




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