Who stole it?

We’ve all heard the phrase

” Who stole the cookie from the cookie jar?”

Well I can give you an answer:

It most likely was me!


Here’s a secret about me- I’m a secretive eater. I always have. I would sneak food back to my room as a kid to eat later, I’d sometimes eat a lot of snacks before dinner claiming I haven’t had anything since lunch. In college, well I can get by with a lot more. I can declare I’ve been eating healthier even after I just finished off a bag of Reese’s pieces or a row of cookies. It’s a pit fall for me because the one thing I lack is accountability. Yes, I have a few women who are investing in my life but I don’t have someone who is asking me the hard questions- asking me to be honest with myself. So I am. I’m working on cutting down my secrets and snacking. I have a sweet tooth, so I have to find healthier options to over come that.

This is just one of the stepping stones on my way to a healthy lifestyle.



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