Looking back on immaturity

This is me right before I graduated high school.. I thought I knew everything. I also was very self-absorbed.I was immature.

Recently I’ve discovered that on Facebook you can now go back and read all your messages between you and a friend. I’ve been able to reread conversations from 2007. In doing so I have seen how immature I was then. Sure people thought I was mature for my age, and in some aspects I was, but in regards to relationships with friends I was really immature. If they didn’t respond quickly I thought they hated me and I was very needy and clingy. I look back and see messages that break my heart because I was that immature. But, I also know that I had to be like that so God to make me like this.

See, here in the past few months I’ve seen how God has transformed me. I’ve seen how one issue in my life I thought was going to end the world, was really something trivial that He has now used for His glory. I also have been able to see myself in others and see how I can reach out to them and help them.

So to those of you who loved me when I was immature, thank you. Thank you for your endless nights of talking, your consistent prayers, and your love. You have helped build me.



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