College Journey Group

Accountability. Support. Encouragement. Community. These are things that many college students want and need. College is a hard but fun time in life. It’s a transition period from high school and the real world. From being dependent upon parents to being independent. It’s a time in our lives when we need Christ the most. It’s when we learn who we are, develop our own foundation, and determine what we truly believe. With that, I’ve decided that I want to do this with a group of people my age. Who are going through the same things I am. So I”m starting a Journey Group for recent high school grads to recent college grads. Guys and girls, all campuses. We’ll meet during the summer, study God’s word, and just do what college students do best- chill.

I”m still trying to determine when we’ll meet and looking at studies to help guide. I’m using Threads Media to help find studies. I particularly like “Chase the Goose” but want input from others.

When is best to meet?

Which study do you like?

Supply feedback. Join the group on Facebook . Let’s make this group awesome.



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