I”m a wildflower

Hey, I’m a wildflower,
growin’ in the sunshine,
soakin’ up the way of life I was raised in,

runnin’ barefoot bloomin’ in a summer shower,
ponytail dancin’ I cant help it
I-I’m a wildflower.

I’m a wildflower. That’s what I’ve determined. I’m the type that grows way in the woods, the ones only those who truly want to seek, can find. My beauty is hidden. It’s deep within. I’m fierce. I brave my surroundings to stand tall amongst the rough terrain.

Others want to be roses. Soft, gentle. Perfect picture of romance. Not me. I’m not the girl who gets uber dolled up, I”m the one who runs barefoot in Carhartt with my hair in a mess. Don’t get me wrong, I have my moments of beauty. Those moments when you see me for the inner person I am. But at first look, I’m a wildflower, who was born free.

So if you wish to find me, know you’ll have to search. I won’t be out in the open, like a tulip in the field, instead I’ll be hidden in the woods. So if your brave and daring, and want to seek me out, push your ways through the roses, dig deep in the woods, and there amongst the others, you’ll find me.


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