Used Underwear

Thats right. Used underwear. I want you to think to your underwear drawer. You know that one pair of underwear. The one that’s way in the back corner, been used so much it’s now due to be thrown out. Now that I’ve got your attention, let’s see where this is going.

I’ve been reading through Jeremiah and the other night I was reading through chapter 13 when I came across this passage (v 1-11):

This is what the Lord said to me: “Go and buy yourself a linen undergarment and put it on, but do not put it in water.”

So I bought underwear as the Lord instructed me and put it on.
Then the word of the Lord came to me a second time: “Take the underwear that you bought and are wearing, and go at once to the Euphrates and hide it in a rocky crevice.”

So I went and hid it by the Euphrates, as the Lord commanded me.
A long time later the Lord said to me, “Go at once to the Euphrates and get the underwear that I commanded you to hide there.”

So I went to the Euphrates and dug up the underwear and got it from the place where I had hidden it, but it was ruined-of no use at all.
Then the word of the Lord came to me: “This is what the Lord says: Just like this I will ruin the great pride of both Judah and Jerusalem. These evil people, who refuse to listen to Me, who follow the stubbornness of their own hearts, and who have followed other gods to serve and worship-they will be like this underwear, of no use at all.

Just as underwear clings to one’s waist, so I fastened the whole house of Israel and of Judah to Me”-[this is] the Lord’s declaration-“so that they might be My people for My fame, praise, and glory, but they would not obey.

There. God said it. He says here in this passage that the people of Judah and Israel, who have refused to listened to God and who follow other gods are like used underwear that have no use anymore.

Wow. So what’s this say to us?

1) It says that God has fastened us to Him just like we fasten underwear to our waist. He wants us to be HIS people for HIS fame,praise, and glory. NOT for our own.

2) It says that when we refuse to listen to God, when we follow our own stubborn hearts, and when we follow other  gods or make things our gods- we are of no use to God. NO USE.

I don’t know about you but I don’t want to not be of use for God. I want Him to use me, not for me but for Him.

So instead of deciding to refuse Him, I”m going to listen to Him, so I don’t end up like the pair of used underwear.



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