Bachelor(ette) Degree

I still recall my last day in the City before going to Berea.

“Does anyone know what you do at college?”- my cohost Jonathan Sutton asked
“It’s where you go to get married!”- Scream sweet lil 5 yr old Anna.

Married. Mrs Degree. That’s what college is about right?


Or at least, I’ve recently determined that it’s wrong. College for me isn’t about finding Mr. Right, heck finding a Mr anyone at Berry is hard enough ( For those who do not know there is a 6 t0 1 ratio among girls and guys here at Berry) The other day I was thinking about the degree I was going for- my bachelors. In going for my bachelor’s I’ve realized that I need to be a bachelor, or in my case bachelorette, in order to obtain my degree. Now I’m not saying everyone has to be like me, you may meet your Mr. Right in college, but for me I don’t think this is a reality.

So i’ll be a bachelorette while I get my bachelors.. so stop asking about Mr. Right.



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