Lately I’ve been thinking of the differences between Berry and Berea. I think I’ve come up with a good list:

1) Berea requires 7 convocations per semester for a total of 7 semester. Berry- 24 cultural events in 4 years.
2) Berry CE’s are more entertaining and things that are interesting, not just lectures or concerts.
3) Berry college is a closed campus which increases safety
4) Berea’s campus was a lot smaller, which made getting to class easier
5) Berry provides hammocks and posts for student use
6) Berry has 2 coffee shops on campus
7) Berea had a whole town within walking distance
8) Berry’s dining hall is open until 8pm, the gym is open until midnight
9) Both places have focult pendulums
10) Berry visitation goes from 10am- 2am.. it also is less strict
11) Berry allows a microwave in rooms
12) Both have mad squirrels, Berry has crazy deer.
13) Berea gave me snow, Berry gives me early springs 🙂
14) Berea dorm life was much closer than at Berry
15) There are no crosswalks that tell you where you are
16) Berea has inquiry based learning
17)Both have mountain day
18) Berry has greener and softer grass
19) Berea has better trees to climb
20) Both have people I love



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