In need of security

It was a little whimper. Between the roar of Hannah Montana reruns I heard his faint cry. and then it go louder. I think I ran up the stairs faster than my heart was racing, unsure of why my sweet lil man was crying.

*Let me pause here and remind you I do not have a son, however I do have several families who I nanny for but who also consider me part of their family, so when I refer to a kid, it’s one of those families kids, not mine*

There he was, shaking on his bed, pouring sweat, and screaming. I grabbed him, pulled him into a tight embrace, and began rocking. As I rocked, I whispered to him,trying to calm him down. At points he’d pull away, tense up, rear his head back and just scream. I couldn’t seem to calm him down. With his faint cries for his mom, I held him tighter, reminding him she loved him, missed him, and that I was there.

He was safe. Then God spoke to me.

You’re like him sometimes. You are sitting in my lap and I want to comfort you but you pull away. You scream at me. You want someone else to comfort you but you don’t realize the comfort I’m giving you is the best available.

In that moment, Bub was in need of security and I was available. Often in our moments of need, God is the available one. He always is, unlike the people of the world. While everyone else is consumed with the chores of life, God sits and waits for us to run to Him.

Today do you need security from Him? Rest in Him, not those of the world.



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