Wasn’t born in the country

I wasn’t born in the country. I was born to a mom who had lived the country life and a dad from Miami. We lived in various places, only one in the woods, but none in the country. As I’ve gotten older I have realized my love for the country. My passion to just sit and soak up the country life. Others may be city slickers, but I’m a country sitter. As I’ve now been able to really grow in this, I’ve realized God put the country in me. He has given me the desire to embrace my inner country. This year, I’ve been able to learn how to drive a tractor, a John Deere at that. My John Deere’s name is Fillmore, because his gas tank doesn’t tell you whether he is full or not so you always have to fill him more, plus it’s the name of one of the characters in Cars.

Truth is, I love the country. My life’s dream is to get married on a farm, have my own farm with custom built home and a vineyard with kids running all over the place. I was a kid of climbing trees and picking my apple from it, I want my kids to enjoy the small things in life.

So I might not have been born in the country,but the country was born in me.



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