Satan, Big Bad Wolf, Walls, and Jesus

Recently I had a discussion with a friend concerning her wanting to guard her heart. She told me she kept building these walls, but Satan was still able to break them down. It was then a realization hit me, my friend was using the wrong materials. My friend was just like the 3 little pigs trying to protect themselves from the big bad wolf, they built home after home with the wrong material but when they got the right one, they were safe.

In Proverbs 4:23 we’re instructed :”Above all else, guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life.”

If we’re to guard heart, then we must use the right material. The only right material in this case is the world of God.

Going to church- that’s the straw, it’s the easy thing to do.. but Satan will break through
Reading a devotional- that’s the sticks, a little stronger.. but Satan will break through
Seeking the word of God- that’s the bricks, the strongest.. but Satan will still try to break through

But when we have the word of God, we have a double edged sword. We have the mightest weapon in the spiritual world and even when Satan tries, if we stand true to the word, Satan won’t break through.
He’ll try though. As we as Christians grow in strength, Satan wants to attack more because we are doing the one thing He hates the most- putting God first in our lives.

So when you build your wall to guard your heart, what material you use will determine your defense.



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