Above are 60 brands. Some are common, some only the elite use. Some say they will never use. Either way, they are brands we use to label the things we use day in and out of our lives. Whether we pay attention to them or not they are present and whether we like it or not people use them to judge us. It’s just become part of human society, in fact it’s one of the aspects of society I truly dislike.

But this Easter I want to think of another brand. One many might try to display on the outside but it only can truly be seen on the inside.

This brand is: Christian.

Christ Follower.

You may have a cross, a tattoo, carry a bible, attend church, say you believe in God, or some other marker you believe brands you as a Christian, but does your heart and soul truly show it?

The way I see it, God is looking down, He doesn’t see the other brands like Ralph Lauren or Faded Glory. Instead he sees ” Mine” or “Not Mine.” Those who He sees as His, have put the label on their heart and soul to be a follower of Christ. Those who He sees as not His, have never truly made themselves a follower of Christ.

So this Easter season, are you going to get wrapped up in the brands of the world and neglect the eternal brands?
Which brand are you?


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