I’m a college kid..

I”m a college kid..

I make ramen, tea, and oatmeal from the hot water in my sink… because the kitchen is to far to walk to.

I have stock in ramen and easymac- and I consider it real food.

Going to lunch/dinner is a social affair.

I know how to make a bed in less than 1 minute from 6 feet off the ground.

I know how to create new meal options in the dining hall when nothing is appeasing.

Showering without flipflops is now weird.

Finding classes requires a map.

Lottery isn’t about money, but about housing.

I’ve got Papa Johns on speed dial.

I know how to write a paper in an hour, and still get a good grade.

“Good grade” has a new meaning.

Class outside is the best.

The beginning of term starts great.. then classes get mundane and boring.

Registration is worse than Black Friday shopping.

The last week of classes is crazy stressful.

Finals are death.

Moving out is torture.

It’s the last week of classes.. love on those college kids around you, we sure could use it.


One thought on “I’m a college kid..

  1. I just wanted to shoot you over a little encouragement and tell you how AMAZING I think you are. I’ve loved watching you grow and I really appreciate your perspective on life. I definitely learn from you, my friend.
    Love you.


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