A taste of summer

Classes were cancelled today due to storms. Michelle and I rode to Rome only to turn around at Martha Berry BLVD because traffic was so bad and the roads looked so terrible, that traveling the 8/10ths of a mile to campus wasn’t worth it. So I have my laptop up, youtube tunes on, homemade sweet tea next to me, and my dogs at my feet.

This summer, I’ll have to take my first summer courses ever. While I’m super stressed about this, I’m also excited about being able to improve my GPA through this. So for 6 weeks this summer, I’ll travel to Berry 4 days out of the week, while others head to beaches, lakes, and pools. I’ll come home and do my homework on the deck with sweet tea and homecooked meals. It’s gonna require more focus as well as motivation in the morning, but the rewards will be great.

So today, I’m tasting what summer will be like, hopefully my productivity will be great and that will be a sign of the things to come.


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