By George, I think I’ve got this…

Well folks, it’s done. My junior year of college is done and I think I’m finally getting the hang of it. Here’s some things I’ve learned in this crazy, but fun year.

1) Never take friends for granted. Also take into consideration that they have lives too.
2) Transferring takes a lot out of you. Make sure your doing it for the right reason.
3) Going to college and being there are two different things. If your paying for room and board, make it a point to be there.
4) Stop comparing. Every place is different but no one cares about how your old school did things.
5) Your at a new place, stop referring to yourself as a member of the old school.
6) STUDY! Establish study skills. What came to you naturally in grade school doesn’t now and college professors expect you to know the stuff they don’t teach as well as the stuff they do.
7) Build a community. Your not better than them.
8) Take part of campus activities.
9) Keep in touch with those you left at your old school
10) Always have a backup plan.

Somethings I experienced this term in GA:

1) 6 inches of snow and classes being cancelled because of it
2) Tornadoes
3) Learning to drive a John Deere
4) Realizing the importance of your GPA.. Hello HOPE I forgot about you in KY
5) Spending so much time at home and not enough on campus
6)Realizing I actually need to study for college
7) Making food from hot water from a sink
8) The ability for a friend from home to bring homemade food
9) Packing now takes 2 hours instead of 2 days
10) Influencing others is easier than you think

There were tough times this term and tough lessons learned, it was a good term. I can walk away feeling that I am a more mature and more intelligent person.

Thanks for all the support everyone gave over the term. 



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