Summer time youth

Yesterday I spent time with my mom for mothers day. While at her house, I relived some of my childhood summertime memories, here are 3 of my biggest memories.

1) Magnolias


 I remember as a kid my mom was obsessed with magnolias. When we drove through town, if there was a magnolia tree, mom would pull over and make one of us ( usually it was Patrick) go and pick her one. We’d get home, mom would fill a glass bowl with water and float the blossom in the water. The bowl would sit in the middle of our dining room table for days. I remember the soft fragrance it would give off. When I went to Berea, mom loved the magnolia trees. I haven’t gotten her out to Berry to see our large amount of them, but now she has her own tree. When I get married, I’ve decided I want to honor my mom by having magnolias.

2) Honeysuckle

Honey suckle
Triple wammy

My nana had a huge section of her yard that was covered with honeysuckle. As kids, we’d sneak away to that section and just sit and suck out the juice. We came up with the triple wammy which was when you were able to succesively pull the juice out of three at one time. When we’d go to the pool, all us kids would climb into the truck bed with a branch of honeysuckle. I love the smell and the great memories of mom and nana yellin at us kids to not get sick off of honeysuckle. No matter how many warnings we got, we never stopped eatting honeysuckle.

3) Bugs

Leaf hopper

 I love bugs. I know, not very lady like of me, but I do. As a kid, I would go on bug hunts all the time. I had my own lil bug catcher, a net, magnifying glass, twissors, and I would spend hours outside catching, inspecting, dissecting, burning, and playing with bugs. I found this bug at my mom’s house and couldn’t help but sit and take photos. I remember my nana hated bugs and got mad at us kids when we’d sneak up and plant a bug on her. We were cruel kids sometimes but it was all in good fun.

Childhood. I miss it. I miss the simplicity of it. Spending countless hours outside. Making stories up, going on hikes, and rolling in the grass. I pray that no matter how advanced our world becomes, that I don’t forget this part of my life and that I pass it on to my children.


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