Miss Kaela…

Miss Kaela will you read me a bed time story?
Miss Kaela will you put braids in my hair?
Miss Kaela can I have a cookie?
Miss Kaela will you ride bikes with me?
Miss Kaela can I play with your camera?
Miss Kaela will you make me a drink?
Miss Kaela can we go outside?
Miss Kaela will you play with me?
Miss Kaela can we watch a movie?
Miss Kaela can i cuddle with you?
Miss Kaela can we stay up just a little longer?
Miss Kaela will you just sit and chat with me?
Miss Kaela..
Miss Kaela..


Since 10 years old I’ve had this “MISS” attached to the front of my name. Kids learn that it’s there and learn that I won’t respond unless its there. I’m part of so many kids lives and for so many I couldn’t imagine my life without them. But there are sometimes, every now and then, I just want to be Kaela. But then, I get over that because I realize I’m called to be a Miss and one day a Mrs.

So this summer I get to be Miss Kaela again. But this time, I don’t know for who. So here’s my request, if you read my blog and would like me to a Miss Kaela for your kids, let me know, let’s talk about it. Not sure if I can be the Miss Kaela for you but I can try.


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