Kinley Faith

When I met Kinley 4 years ago, she was just a toddler. As she got to know me, she began to cling to me. I remember when I left for Berea she looked at me and told me not to go, that she loved me more than her mommy and daddy and wanted to be with me. I knew then that I’d be a part of this kids life for a long time. Every time I visited home, I made it a point to see Kinley. We’d hug and laugh. With summer came more nights of babysitting, days at the pool, and more Sundays at church. Soon Kinley moved into the City. As she grew, so did her knowledge of God. Soon this bright eyed, spunky lil girl with 3 brothers asked Jesus into her heart. When she did, I knew it was sincere. On May 1, I watched her be baptized by her father who is a man who has been so much of an influence in my life, that I consider him one of the most Godly men I know. On May 1, Kinley became my sister in Christ. Now, when we’re together, we’re family. I know that when I lift her up in prayer for her 6 year old worries, that God hears them and takes them to heart. While Kinley may be a wild and crazy girl who thinks burping is fun, she’s also a princess of the King of Kings. I’m glad to know that her parents trust me enough to let me be a light in their childrens life. I’m glad to have been there to watch one of my sweet and precious kids follow God and profess her faith to her church. I love you Kinley Faith.



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