Something to Love

Often when we are hurt by someone, we begin to find all the negative things about them. Soon enough, we no longer see the good in them, only focussing our attention on the bad. Others may make positive remarks on them but our hurt and unforgiveness towards them cloud our vision, making it hard for us to see what others see.

When we do eventually forgive them, it can be hard for us to find something good in them. Recently, I’ve began a journey of healing and they hardest thing for me to realize is that I have to find something to love, something to cling to in this one person who has hurt me. While I may never restore the relationship that was lost when I was young, I can and will at least identify one thing that is good about this person. It’s not going to be easy, I know I’ll shed many tears and walk away frustrated at times, but in the midst of my hurt, I know that God looks down upon this person and sees one thing, so why can’t I?

Today I’m removing the glasses that cloud my vision with negativity. I’m pushing on in hopes of finding something to love about this person. The person who once was my super hero. Would you pray that God would restore this relationship before it’s to late?



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