The Biggest Loser summer

I have 14 weeks until I go back to school. Over the past year I have seen myself gain back all the weight I lost in 2 years. I look at old pictures and I know I have a long way to go. I’ve decided that this summer, I will have my Biggest Loser summer. Starting tomorrow morning I will change my diet, I will be more active, and every Thursday morning I will weigh in. I already have my numbers set on the scale. While this is a hard thing for me to do when I’m traveling so much between houses, I”m going to make this work. These next 14 weeks will be crucial, hard, and a huge reality check. They will determine the mindset I go into the fall with. They will also prep me for the fall term.

Going into this, I know that I am not defined by the numbers on the scale. That is a numerical representation of how much I weigh, not my worth. My worth comes from God. While I have built my worth on scales for most of my life, this summer, and the rest of my life, I won’t. I want to be healthy. I come from a family of so many health issues, that it scares me. I want to be able to run with the kids I watch and not get worn out. I want to swim on a team and not have to order the larges suit. I want to feel happy with who I am, and right now I’m not. Which is what drives me behind this. I know some days I’m going to want to give up, I’m going to want to cheat, I’m going to want to put it off until the next day, but every day counts. Every day, every motion, every thought. It’s not just about a change on the outside, but a change on the inside.

So encourage me, push me, challenge me, pray for me, and cheer for me. I”m going to need a lot of support.


2 thoughts on “The Biggest Loser summer

  1. You are right. There are a going to be some challenging days ahead. But, you are not in this alone. Draw on the experience around you.

    I will say. Allow yourself to walk through the emotions that are going to show up. Some ate going to surprise you. Others won’t even phase you. Start journaling.

    I love you and I am here.

  2. Kaela, this sounds like an amazing endeavor! Good for you for seeking better health for yourself…just remember to focus less on the number on the scale, and more on the healthiness. Happy summer!! =)


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