A desire for change

This journey I’ve battled on for so long, and one I’ve began walking down again, is one not just for outward change but for a deeper change. It’s a desire thats so strong that I’m willing to do and try anything to succeed. I’ve finally found something that I think I can do and succeed at and can do whether I’m at home or at school. But the challenge of my mind is one that is harder to overcome.

We were all created by God to be His workers. We were created to take care of His holy temple. One of the thing’s I’ve recently come to realize is over the years I’ve been a horrible steward of the gifts and body He’s given me. Now, as I stare this obese body in the eyes and look to the Kaela that lives within, I see the person God created, I see the healthy creation that He wants to use. I am God’s child and I’m sure He’s proud that I’m wanting to change now that I’m wanting to restore His temple to the state He envisioned for me.

So here it is. This 228 pound, obese, 21 year old while a childlike heart is beginning the challenge again. This time, focusing on the inside just as much as on the outside. One thing I’ve already learned is I was made for more. Not more food but more life. I have a desire for change. I have a challenge that awaits me and one I’m willing to fight daily to overcome.



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