My Crayola Gcal

I’m a month into summer and already crazy. I needed some way to keep my mind semi straight. So Kelly printed and color coded my life on a Gcal spread using Crayola colored pencils. The primary reason for this calendar? To help me figure out which days I stay where. It’s sad when you have 4 homes to juggle between. Here’s the things that make it difficult.

1) Forgetting your toothbrush- solution:have one at each home
2) Deciding wardrobe ahead or developing a wardrobe at each place
3) Forgetting that the article of clothes you need/want is at the other house
4) Not getting enough time with each family
5) Not getting time with myself
6) Living out of a bag- I’m a pro

I need organization in my life, and if Crayola helps, well that makes me happy. As for now, I’ll get frustrated when I forget where I”m going or when I don’t even realize what day it is. I also am learning to stop pleasing everyone but that’s another post.



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