My Getaway

So I’m house sitting for the next week and half. For me this means no bags to lug from house to house, no couch sleeping, no random beds, no children to watch, the ability to watch whatever I want on TV, ability to eat when and what I want, freedom, and ultimately relaxation.

I’ll be honest. This summer hasn’t been a walk in the park, it’s more like a marathon. Juggling who’s house I go to next, what bags I need where, various schedules, and multiple beds was just exhausting. The “me” time I had was small. So for the coming days I am bound to spend as much time with me as I can. I’m learning to love me for who I am and realizing I’m a pretty awesome person. But I also am learning that I’m a person who is easily walked over and taken advantage of. I guess I really am learning who I am as an adult.

So here’s to summer freedom!


One thought on “My Getaway


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