When most people reflect on their childhood, they see trips and sports and other memories. I see the inside of a Waffle House. That’s where many of my memories stem from. As a kid, I remember saying ” I’m going to be a Waffle House waitress when I get older” Well I’ve never been one, and probably never will, but as a kid it was the best job in my mind. Here are just a few things I remember:

1) Dancing the Macarana for quaters
2) Waffle House Jukebox music
3) Santa
4) The Candy man
5) Miss Bee and Miss Love- two ladies who loved me so much
6) Countin momma’s tips at night
7) Helpin with the prep work
8) Makin cots out of crates
9) Memorizin the menu
10) A bowl of pickles or lemons for afternoon snack

Waffle House became part of who I was, who I am. I still love the coldness of the building, the smell of hashbrowns on the grill, and the sweetness of the chocolate pie. I’ll always be proud of my childhood in a Waffle House.



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