As a kid I was always told Be a sponge, soak everything up. The more you soak up, the better. Recently I’ve really thought about this, and while I think absorbing is good, what good is an absorbent sponge that doesn’t work?

Let me explain. Look at this pic below. Where is the sponge?

It’s on the side of the sink. While the sink is full of dirty dishes, the thing that can get it clean, is on the side line. Sure it may be full of water or suds there, but until it get’s into the sink and gets into the action, it’s just going to sit on the side and eventually spoil over.

Where am I going with this you might ask? I want you to think of yourself of the sponge. We may go to church and leave all full and happy and “clean” but then we face the Monday grime and we don’t want to attack it because we don’t want to get dirty. So we sit on the sidelines. Instead of using the power we have inside us to clean up the messes around us and in our life, we sit and spoil and ultimately lose the power we had. It’s like the phrase “Use it or Lose it” Now I’m not saying we’ll lose our salvation but if you’ve ever memorized scripture or even learned a concept you know that if you don’t use it you end up forgetting it.

A sponge may start out clean but to clean others they must take on some of the dirt too. Are you willing to help clean other’s lives and carry their grim for a bit? Be the sponge this week that uses the Spirit of God to help others.



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