My own kind of paradise

This past week I had the pleasure to find my own kind of paradise. I escaped from Twitter, Facebook, Gmail, and even WordPress. I spent the week at a house down in New Port Richey, Florida and enjoyed the sun. It was 7 sold days of sun, God, sketches, family, and sunsets. I woke up every morning, had quiet time on a dock while fish swam under me and I went to bed every night watching the clouds and moon dance beautifully across the sky. The daytime was spent searchin for seashells, riding waves, floating in pools, relaxin with books or just under the sun on the beach, and havin fun with the family. The distraction free week allowed me to focus on some decisions I had in my life. By focusing on God and really dealing with them, I was able to leave feeling relief. I’m thankful for the week of relaxation and rejuvenation.

But  that’s not all that was tugging my heart through the week. See, where we were staying was 30 miles from where I lived when I was 2. My brother was born in Tampa and I couldn’t help but think through the week, what if we had never left Tampa? We lived 5 miles from the ocean. I would have grown up never leaving the ocean, knowing nothing different. Instead of knowing cows and horses, I would have known dolphins and manatees.

However, if I had grown up there, I wouldn’t know the people I know, I wouldn’t have gone to Berea nor Berry, I would have never attended Oak Leaf, I would have never become part of the families that I am. Life would have been completely different. God didn’t plan on me staying there. As He reminds us throughout the Bible, He knows our days and had them recorded before we were ever formed. God knew that I’d spend each one of my first 3 birthdays in a different state. I’m thankful that He moved us to GA because without that I’d never been the person I am today.

So here’s some pics from the trip. I”ll post tomorrow the things I would have tweeted.





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