Things I would have Tweeted

I took the week off. I turned Twitter off and disconnected from the world. It was quite interesting when I got home and began seeing all the posts about what happened. So here is what I would have said if I had Tweeted.

“It’s 3am, I’m wide awake and ready to hit to road for the 8 hour journey to paradise.”
“We’ve arrived at paradise and it’s raining like crazy. Prayin for just a few days of sunlight”
“Just finished “The Crossing” great book and history lessson”
“Just woke up to clear blue skies, palm trees, and seagulls flying across the sky.”
“Morning routine for paradise- drink coffee and read Bible while sitting on the dock.”
“I just saw a huge school of fish and sea bass swim under me”
“I just caught a fin fish!”
“We’re goin to the beach!!”
“I forgot how salty the ocean is,”
“Kids on boogy boards ridin waves, my toes are in the water and I’m sittin in the sand”
“Best part of our paradise house- pool and hot tub in back yard.”
“Woke up, headed outside, and caught a frog- it’s gonna be a great day”
“Goin to a different beach, love beach hoppin”
“This beach is much calmer, love being able to float in the ocean”
“Goin out for dinner, everyone lookin so fine”
“Tried a crab stuffed mushroom, and ate fish for dinner- 2 things I normally don’t eat. ”
“This place has a shark hanging”
“Icecream time!”
“Walking the beach during sunset- awesome”
“Kids just outlined me with seashells- the things I do for them”
“I love when I burn but within a day or two turn tan”
“My night in the hot tub- doin some decision making and relaxin while drinkin a Cheerwine and listenin to Rachel Noel”
“GREEN ONE!#vwbuggame”
“Bud has now decided to try to get peope to wave at him while we drive. One problem- he’s small and sits in the middle seat.”
“Yankees are people who don’t wave back”
“Playing Categories in the pool. Bud just said Chicken Nuggets were fruit, Monkey Jumping is a sport, and CatChickenMowMow is a animal.”
“I’m about 25 miles from where I lived when I was 2”
“Had my parents never moved to GA, this would have been my lifestyle”
“Neil just caught a crab using cooked hamburger”
“Neil caught a fish too!”
“Just hurt my knee by landing on it while jumping into the pool”
“It’s official – we’re all Smurfs. I’m Brainy, Bug is Lazy, Bud is Clumsy, Michelle is Smufette, and Neil is Papa Smurf”
“I think most people come from Florida”
“Just saw a group of dolphins swim about 100 yards away from us. Awesome”
“Sailboats are beautiful”
“Just found a live hermit crab, live blue crab, and dead blue crab-which did I photograph? The dead one”
“Seashells are awesome and beautiful. I have a pretty awesome collection growin”
“I found a hibiscus flower.. yes I’ve kept it!”
“Finds of the day- half a sanddollar, a horseshoe crab shell, cocinas, and pretty spiral shells”
“The neighborhood heron just walked up our dock.. ”
“Every morning I try to catch these lizards but they are to darn quick. My mom use to hang them from her ears.”
“Worst part of the ocean/chlorine mix goin on- my hair is so disgusting”
” Rootbeer floats= great end to the night”
“I love God’s paintings. He creates new ones every morning and night”
“Last night out, just had the best wings I’ve had in a long time and had shrimp”
“Fact- I don’t eat coleslaw, I always give it away”
“Pictures on the beach at sunset= awesomeness.”
“Just walked the Pier and listened to a guy make drums out of buckets- this dude is talented”
“Homemade gelato to end the night.. my choices- Cappuccino and Tiramisu= wonderful combination”
“Last day means cleaning and one final swim before packing up and headin home”
“Just left paradise.. wish it and my tan could have lasted longer- already peeling”
“We’re tryin to get all the truckers to honk and all the cars to wave.. Bug gets more people to wave cuz she’s a cute kid.”
“Just crossed back into GA, Blue skies stoped and black clouds greet us.”
“Just went to the worst McDonalds”
“Ok, as much as I didn’t want vacation to end, I am ready for this car ride to be over- my butt hurts from sittin to long”



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