Every step I take

I took this picture while on vacation last week because as I walked on the beach, God said  this to me.
Every step you take, I take one as well. Ever since I came into your life, I’ve taken a step next to you. I’ve stepped into some places I’ve never wanted to be in, but you carried me there. At the times in your life when you felt all alone, I was walking right next to you, in fact I was not only next to you, I was in front of you praying you’d follow my path. Sometimes you took the wrong path, but I was always able to bring you back. Now you stand at a crossroad in your life and you don’t know which way to go. Your now realizing your an adult, but you long for your youth. You want to be carefree but yet your tired of people telling you what to do. You want to be you. You want to do what you want, when you want, but unfortunately due to circumstances you can’t. Your afraid of your next step because you don’t know what it holds. There are so many voices in your head, that it’s drowning out the voice in your heart- my voice. Retreat dear child. Soar on doves wings to the place in the country. To the cabin I’ve built in your heart for us. Where there’s peace and quiet. When your there, your fully with me. Go there, hear my voice, be confident in your moves knowing that  your steps are now my steps. Every step you take, I take as well. 


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