Things I learned from Dad

Today is my dad’s birthday, so I decided to share some things I have either learned from my dad or acquired from him.

1) Fishing. I remember as a lil girl goin with my dad. I’m pretty sure I”m the reason he never caught fish ( I was always talkin)
2) Sports. Football, baseball, Nascar. I watched them all with dad.
3) Lumber. Since I was about 6 my dad has worked with wood. I’ve learned species, what certain woods are used for things, and was also a teacher’s favorite because I could bring in exotic woods when we talked about places around the world.
4) Hard work. My dad has always been a hard worker and I believe I got my work ethic from him.
5) Stubbornness.  Yes, I am stubborn and have been since I was in the womb. Mom says I get this from dad.
6) Love for the oldies. As a kid I was forced to listen to the oldies, now it’s a choice ( granted it’s not one I always make but occasionally do make)
7) Yard work. I learned how to cut the grass and weed eat from my dad.
8) How to change a tire. I remember that lesson.
9) Attitude. Ok, so I have an attitude and it really comes out when I get mad.
10) Working with my hands. I remember playing legos with dad as a kid, helping him work on projects around the house, and such.

Believe it or not, I am a daddy’s girl at heart. I use to favor him over my mom. I use to dance on his feet, play legos by his side, and sing karaoke to him at night.

So Happy 52nd Birthday dad.

The day I was born


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