A new.. me?

This summer has been quite an interesting one. I started with the intention of taking summer courses, that flew out the window the first week. From there I began working with a company and building a business. I grew as a person as I became more comfortable with adults and learned so much financial wisdom. I began house hopping due to the fact that I don’t have a car and didn’t want to be a burden to anyone. As I hopped, I grew lonely and frustrated because I believed that I had to make everyone happy and be with them all the time. As I grew, it got harder for me to take time and process. I slowly found myself spending more and more time with my mom which was unexpected but very much needed. I began to learn about the hardships my mom went through before she had me as well as why she made the choices she made for our family. I began making my mom mt primary focus but also longed for people my age. I yearned a community of people who were close to my stage of life. I LONGED TO BE LOVED. I realized how I loved and loved being loved. I learned the consequences of miss communication and not speaking up when something is up. I REALIZED I WAS A PROCESSOR. I need time for me, just me and Jesus. I need to think things through, to run my thoughts  by God and make sure that I am doing what He wants and not just me. I’ve learned that my family is wide, deep, and ever growing. I learned I like alone time and crave it. I also learned that I have so many great women in my life who are always willing to lead and guide me. I realized that when I block out the distractions, I hear God so much better. When I am daily in his word, my life is not as crazy. I LEARNED I MAKE MY LIFE CRAZY. I realized my time as a competitive swimmer is over. I learned that I am just like my dad- which is scary but also interesting to me. If I am just like my earthly father, how much more should I desire to be like my heavenly father?  I learned that I have many friends who are all over the US who are still a part of my life. I learned that this fall is going to be very different than in the spring. I learned I need stability. I learned that sweet tea, coffee, Cheerwine, or Coke can cure just about any problem. I learned that I am becoming a good photographer. I realized that I have no self discipline when it comes to weight lose and need outside support. I REALIZED I AM BEAUTIFUL. While I’m not always happy with who I am, I am beautiful. I learned who I am in Christ.

I learned and realized I am a New Me. Here’s to My Junior(Senior) year.


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