A heart that’s breaking

I’ve been spending more time at my parents house. Since I have one of the biggest things has happened- my heart has been breaking. Now I know this sounds confusing since I have been rebuilding things with my mom but my relationship with my dad has been breaking. See my dad has a problem, he is addicted to alcohol. Has been all my life. Now things are much worse. If he is awake and he isn’t working, he is drinking. This means that when he is around he is either oblivious or obnoxious. There really is no meaning to life or relationship. As I put in my blog about what I have learned from him, I was a daddy’s girl growing up so not having a relationship with him is difficult. Now I am realizing that I will most likely never have a relationship with him and my heart is breaking.

In the midst of this though, I have realized how deep my heavenly father’s love for me is. When I yearn that relationship with my dad, God comforts me and reminds me of my relationship with Him. As I continue to spend more tim with my dad, I pray that I would seek God more each day.



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