A lonely summer

Here we go, heart wide open. This summer has been a roller coaster for one. It was as if I was riding the Superman but the only passenger was me.I could be in a crowd of people and still feel completely alone.

I spent much of the summer bouncing from home to home. I sent texts a best I could but eventually I ran dry. I had no one pouring into me. This got tiring. I could never pour enough into me so I could pour into others. I got tires of always being the one to initiate and unfortunately I did what I always do, I seek seclusion. I stopped texting. This didn’t help. A big reason it never helped was because no one knew this was how I was feeling. Now, here it is the end of summer. I’m about to venture back to school and my friendships are rocky.

In the midst of all this, I sought Jesus. He comforted me, reminded me I was never alone. While we may never truly connect with people we can always connect with Him. I may never rebuild my friendships and that saddens me because I know I am the one who pulled away. I’m working on it.



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