Miles apart

I have a beautiful friend. She’s my bestie. I left her in Kentucky and we’re miles apart.

I remember when I first saw Tierah. I thought she was my RA’s twin. I saw my RA on one side of  Phelps and there she sat on the other. I couldn’t figure it out. After the meeting, we had more freshman orientation stuff including a hall tour. It was then that I learned about the swim team and how my RA was the captain. I joined her for the meeting. It was there I met Tierah.

She was spunky. She was tall. She was fast. She was a listener.
Over the next weeks she helped me become a better swimmer. We hung out, became friends. I went to church with her and her sisters. We all became close.


Trusted. Honest. Compassionate. Real. Beautiful. Confident. Believer. That is Tierah.
She was looked up to ( literally) she was respected and valued. As our friendship grew so did our knowledge of each other’s life. She knew my  story and I knew hers.

She was the one who stood up for me. She even took care of me. At one particular swim meet, she ran to the store ( literally on foot) to get ginger ale for me because I was so sick. It was also that same night she accompanied me to the ER after I said I wasn’t going.

She has a servants heart. Always doing for others. She did breakfasts at 7 am, before we all had class, just so we all had a meal together before we went home for the holidays.

She is my bestie

We’re been friends for 3 years now, and its not the end. In fact, it’s just getting better. There are nights when I wish I could just call her up and meet her in the quad, but the miles that separate us make that difficult. There are days we text random movie quotes back and forth to each other, just because we know the other person needs it. There are days I stop and pray for her, just because Jesus says to. There are days I miss her embrace, her laugh, and her gentle ” Kaela (Kaebo) I love you.” I miss the sleepovers that turned into giggle fests or nights of tears. Most of all I miss my best friend.

So here’s to the years together, and the ones apart. You’ve got me and Jesus. Love you bestie.



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