Calling the play


It’s football season. We’re all ready. We’ve got our predictions, we’re psyched up, and we’re ready to wear our team colors as much as possible.

But as football season approaches, I want to give you a new look. An analog of sorts to relate the game of football to the game of life.

See, we’re all in a game of football. We all line up with our team ( aka OTHER CHRISTIANS) we’re trying to beat the other team (aka SATAN) and our coach is God. God has the play book. He knows what plays will work when and if we perform them correctly and often enough we should overcome the defense and have victory in our life.

To often though, we call audibles. We say “I’m not cool with your play God, so I’m gonna run the ball this way” but what we don’t realize is when we run the ball our way, we end up running aimlessly.

So instead of running things our way, why not run it His way? Instead of memorizing the stats of your favorite player, why not memorize the words of the GREATEST player? Instead of spending that money on an extra team shirt to make your collection larger, why not add that money to your giving? Instead of focusing always on your needs, why not find a way to serve?

There are a lot of plays we don’t know and God does. It’s important we sync together and really grasp His plays, because until we do, we’re not playing our best.



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